4.5m Astrodome on location

Our Approach

Designed by an astronomer for astronomers.

Astrodomes has been leading the way in observatory domes for the last 30 years. During that time we have built a globally recognised reputation for building the best domes on the market.

Who Is our market?

We cater for professional and amateur astronomers alike.

Astrodomes prides itself on having a diverse range of clients and we often build observatories for schools, universities and colleges all over the world as well as a number of aerospace institutions

We also have a big market base with amateur astronomers as well, with a range of smaller Astrodomes suitable for the back yard in suburbia to private observatories in word class Dark Sky areas.

Our Story

Who is AstroDomes?

Hello, my name is Owen Ogden and I am the owner of AstroDomes, a market leading observatory designer and manufacturer. It has been my passion, since taking the reigns from my dear friend Colin Blumson, to provide high quality observatory domes to our customers globally and locally.

I would be more than honored to talk to you personally to see If we can build the perfect AstroDome to suit your needs

If you wish to find out more, please Contact Us and I will personally talk to you to discuss details or questions you may have.

Regards, Owen

Colin Blumson

Founder & CEO

Astrodomes come in a variety of sizes, and two main construction materials - fiberglass composite and steel

We have a range of innovative, kit form metal construction domes, which are easy and cheap to transport globally due to their flat pack assembly.

Both steel and fiberglass Astrodomes are popular and of exceptional quality. Astrodomes are not only smart in design and performance, but are also aesthetically pleasing, with a sleek contemporary design.

Your telescope means a lot to you, so we build Astrodomes to give your equipment the best possible protection and help expand your view of the sky.

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